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Promote Your Business

With affordable high-quality video

Inspire your customers through the power of video marketing

Power Your Brand
Dedicated to providing  powerful and engaging video advertising.
Our team of creative filmmakers and award-winning composers will take your brand to the next level.
What Our Customers Say

Our experience with the Shine 5 team was outstanding, from development of our promotional video to its screening. The entire process was very professional; we truly enjoyed working with the team and were impressed by the breathtaking end-product.


Nicole Anderson, EPICentre

Our Services
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Brand Videos
Length: 2-4 minutes

Videos that capture the heart of your business and inspire your audience. Use the video on your website, social media platform, or email marketing.


Power your brand and generate more leads. 

Preroll Commercials
Length: 10-30 seconds

Short 10-30 second videos that grab your audience's attention. Get your name out there as quickly and efficiently as possible.


Ideal for TV and social media marketing.

Corporate Portfolio
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Xcentrick Autosports 2019 (Brand)
EPICentre Windsor (Brand)
EPICentre (Preroll)
Copland's Martial Arts (Preroll)
Essex Golf and C.C. (Preroll)
Stratus Plastics (Preroll)
Sweat Fitness (Preroll)
Pro Fitness Studio (Preroll)
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